Oct 12 2009

Wonder Woman

Infant Costumes

Wonder Woman Child Halloween Costume

wonder woman child costume


Wonder Woman Child Costume


These very lovely costume comes with a head band in gold with a red star in front of it, silver bracelets, red and white boot tops, red cape, blue and white leotard lasso and gold colored belt.

Complete costumes comes in all sizes available for kids of all ages- small: 4-6 yrs ; medium: 8-10 yrs and large: 12-14 yrs. Dc comics is one of the largest and most famous American comic book publishers in history.


kid's wonder woman child costume

Kids Wonder Woman Costume

Their costumes are very well created according to recent reviews from buyers of these costumes- always a perfect fit as it brings out the best appearance of your little girl or boy.

When worn to events like child costume parties, children theme wear events, plays and drama events and most importantly, Halloween costume events your child is guaranteed to steal the show with great admiring onlookers.

The price is a perfect bargain at $24.99 compared to retail value that could be anywhere between $57.99- $65.97.

Wonder woman child costume image


Child’s Wonder Woman Costume

One of the most popular super heroine of the century. This is one of the most realistic costume for children. In typical traditional wonder woman style, this costume comes with a bold wonder woman logo on the chest in a red vest with a golden colored luxurious belt

Upon purchase, your costume would be shipped almost immediately for you to receive them just in time for whatever events you’re hoping for your kids to wear it to.

new born wonder woman child costume image


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Wonder Woman Bib Newborn Costume

Why don’t you give your child one of the best outfit for this coming Halloween? She’ll be ever so grateful when she sees photos of herself in the near future.

This infant bib style wonder woman costume is red all the way down to the waist and the wonder woman logo right in front of the costume. This costume is also ideal with other kids in the house hold looking all uniformed and ready to save the world.

wonder woman child costumeClick on link below for more info.


Supergirl Bib Newborn Costume

This baby costume is available in new born sizes only with a 24″ waist  and bib length of 10″. Super man cape is included along with the costume. With 100% polyester material, it’s easily washable.

This is an official super girl costume from dc comics production. Upon purchase, costumes are immediately dispatched for a timely arrival.

When you click on the link above, you also get a variety of other super hero costumes to choose from.

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Superman Bib Newborn Costume

Adopting the super man look, this baby costume is all blue vest with a red superman cape and most importantly, the red superman logo in a yellow background. Also comes with black bottoms and white socks which is not included.

It’s available in new baby sizes only at the moment with a waist size of about 26″ and bib length of 11″. It is 100% polyester to enable easy washability, its the genuine costume from dc comics.

Costume will be ready for immediate dispatch once payments and delivery details has been received.

wonder woman child halloween costume


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Batgirl Bib Newborn Costume

This amazing bat girl bib consist of tunic styled bib that is black with pink embroidered bat man logo on the chest, also with a lovely pink colored belt to match and a black bat man cape for the perfect batman appearance.

“Mum..dad…being a super hero ain’t easy you know…”

The costume is available in all baby sizes for easy and perfect fit.

The amazing Wonder Woman Child Costume is all you need for a perfect Halloween occasion for your kids.


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