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Oct 17 2009

Lazy Town

Huge Sale!

Lazy Town Sportacus Muscle Costume

Lazy Town CostumesLazy Town Sportacus Costume

This Sportacus Deluxe Complete Light-Up Costume consist of eye goggles, arm bands and a nice blue hat for a perfect match just like the real Sportacus  in the amazing Lazytown kids program on television. This costume is for kids between the ages of  three to five years old.

Your child would be amazed to know that the Sportacus crystal on the chest of the costume lights up when pressed. How cool is that? Order today and the entire costume will be dispatched today to reach you in time for Halloween. Click Here For More Info!

Lazy Town Costumes For Halloween


The Sportacus Sky Chaser Rescue

This vehicle comes with an articulated sportacus figure and Sky Chaser vehicle that utters exciting sounds and phrases ideal to stimulate your child’s sense of curiosity and admiration. The figure itself can be detached from the vehicle and able to pose.

The Sky Chaser has an easy to hold handles that enables ease of play and gravity switch activities, sounds and phrases when pointed up or down. You can press the red button on the handles for these phrases and sounds. It also comes with three AAA batteries which is included in this magnificent technology. Click Here For More!

lazy Town Costumes


lazy Town Costumes

Let your kid(s) have fun and enjoy themselves with one of  our Lazy Town Costumes for Sportacus. It’s available and children’s sizes of all ages.

Lazy Town costumes are great for little lazy town characters wanna be kid’s that are fans of the popular TV hit show from Iceland.

This amazing Lazy Town Sportacus Costume is ready to be shipped right away from our manufacturers straight to your door step at no extra charge just in time for your Halloween or any other event celebration. More Details Here!

Stephanie From Lazy Town Costume

Stephanie Lazy Town Costume

Stephanie Lazy Town Costume

This is an amazing licensed Lazytown Costume from the kid’s TV hit series LazyTown.

Styled in such elegant design, the costume comes in two of your kid’s favorite colors- pink and purple! The entire costume consists of a beautiful striped dress, booth covers and the head band wig for a perfect fit although it doesn’t include tights.

This beautifully styled Stephanie Lazy Town Costume is guaranteed to brighten up your child’s day and convince everyone that it’s time to get up and have some fun!

Orders are normally shipped same day to get to you in time for Halloween. Click Here For More Info!

stephanie lazy town wig


Stephanie Lazy Town Wig

With these amazing Lazy Town Styling’ Stephanie Dress Up Set your child can be grooving to any cheesy songs from Lazytown. This dress up set consist of pink headband wig, bracelet, cell phone, magic purse that lights up and plays songs and sun glasses that’ll make your child’s appearance identical to the amazing Stephanie on the kids popular hit TV show.

Your little girl is most definitely going to love this gorgeous dress up set. So why not make her dream come through this Halloween. Click Here For More Info.

Lazy Town Costumes


Stephanie Lazy Town Fancy Dress

This Child’s Lazytown Stephanie Costume Wig makes a great combination for your kid’s Halloween costume that’s a one size fit all.

Orders placed today will ensure speedy delivery to your door step. At a very affordable price, your child would love it as it brings out the Stephanie’s original appearance from the Lazytown children’s  hit series on TV.

Click Here For More Info!

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