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Aug 17 2009

Freddy Krueger

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Freddy Krueger Halloween CostumeA Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Sweater Deluxe Adult Costume

Freddy Krueger Costume is the thing that nightmares originates from, well Freddy Krueger actually creates the nightmares as in the horror movie of the 80s. A scary dark figure, Freddy dresses up in a green and red stripped sweater, brown felt hat and Freddy Krueger Halloween Costumewears gloves with razor sharp finger knives- The perfect tool for carving into pumpkins.

Ms Krueger Naughty Nightmare Adult Costume

Are you brave enough to impersonate the identity of the famous dream killer and emulate his connection with the children of  Elms’ street? Would you be able to draw him out of your nightmares into reality- the real world? With our Freddy masks, sweaters, hat bladed knife gloves and a made up Freddy krueger mask you can attempt to impersonate him this Halloween with our Freddy Krueger costumes.

Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume image

6 Feet Freddy Krueger Prop

Our Freddy Krueger Halloween costume consists of Freddy Krueger costume hat that is exactly the same Freddy wears in the film Nightmares on Elm street- It is the complete set to wearing the Freddy Krueger Halloween costume. ItFreddy Krueger Halloween Costume is also large enough to fit perfectly over any Freddy mask worn.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Sweater & Mask Child Costume Kit

The Freddy Krueger costume sweater however, is quiet similar to the one worn by the nightmare on Elm street monster. It is a deluxe quality replica of the one one worn by Freddy Krueger- It is also made of 100% Acrylic materials.

The Freddy Krueger glove is a commercial replica designed with the safety conscious in mind. It is made from  plastic with plastic edges for safety with an adjustable design for wrist size and has finger straps as the fingers and knifes are quiet bendable and flexible in terms of movement.

Deluxe Freddy Krueger Metal Glove

Deluxe Freddy Krueger Metal Glove

Becoming the ideal Freddy Krueger would require make up with our easy to use, all in one,  Freddy Krueger make up kit. This also includes a latex appliance that covers the brow, nose and cheeks, upper and lower teeth, latex adhesive and make up.

Deluxe Freddy Krueger Overhead Latex Mask

Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume image

Meanwhile, the last but not the least- the Freddy Krueger mask. It is made from latex and officially licensed Freddy Krueger Freddy Krueger halloween costume Adult Hatand nightmare on Elm street product.

There should be a variety of Freddy Krueger costumes at your local departmental stores that sell majority or all of the accessories listed here- although their assorted ranges may vary in style and designs. Ans they all come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Freddy Krueger Adult Hat

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