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Oct 15 2009


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Child Mermaid Costume

Child Mermaid Costume

Child Mermaid Costume

This Mermaid Halloween Costumes shines, sparkles and will ensure that your little girl has a magical time this Halloween. Bring her little fantasies come to reality with this lovely flowing gown featuring a beautiful lavender seashell bodice with sparkling sequin trim with an attached shimmering sequin enclosed skirt detailing iridescent organza ruffle detail and a matching layered fin design.

Also included is a sequin mermaid crown with ruffled arm bands in this elegant and enchanted ensemble. This beautiful costume is available in child sizes – 4, 6, 8 and size 10.

Although shoes are not included, you get this magnificent dress, armbands and headpiece for a perfect fit. The costume is packaged in a child sized zipped garment bag with colored photo inserted. Click Here For More Info!

Child Little Mermaid Costume


This beautiful mermaid costume is available in child and toddler sizes with actual sizes being Toddler: (3T-4T), Small: (4-6), and Medium: (7-8).

This dress comes with the actual dress with the headband that your child would love. It is also an officially endorsed Disneyland costume.

This glamorous design includes a mermaid styled dress with a glittered character art fishtail and a headband. Ideal for the perfect Halloween appearance that is guaranteed to steal the occasion.

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The Little Mermaid CostumeThe Little Mermaid Costume


Beneath the deep blue sea should this lovely princess be at present. But with shear utter curiosity for land and a certain prince, she’s compelled to make her way to where it’s dry- a Halloween atmosphere to trick or treat.

This lovely costume includes a lovely green dress with an orange trim with purple sparkle overlays, a nice fitting head band that contains dangling orange ribbon.

Its available in child and toddler costumes of various sizes with a perfect fit. Sizes includes- Toddler (3T- 4T), Small ( 4-6), Medium (7-8). Orders are normally shipped same day to reach you in time for Halloween anywhere you are in the world. To Find Out More Click Here Now!

Childrens Mermaid Costume


Childrens Mermaid Costume

Make your little princess feel like the gorgeous mermaid she wants to be with this lovely multi colored childrens mermaid costume. It comes with an elegant multi colored dress with matching head band.

It’s available in Small: (4-6x) and  Medium: (7-8)- but do check for the appropriate size of your child. Your order will consist of the lovely dress and a hand bag included although handbags may differ slightly to the ones shown.

The dress is made from 100% polyester with overlay sleeves -100% nylon. This is an official licensed Barbie costume. Orders that are placed by 12pm CDT are normally sent out same day. Click Here For More Info!

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Mermaid Halloween Costumes


Toddler Mermaid Costume

A precious lovely creature from the sea.

This is a lovely Mermaid Halloween costume that’s guaranteed to make a great splash in your mermaid’s life with this elegant mermaid disguise.

It comes with a purple lurex top, attached pink coloured sequin bra, a sequin tail and turquoise lurex including a pink sea shell head band that’s definitely going to reveal her true identity as the beautiful sea goddess.

Sizes includes- Toddlers: (3T-4T), X-small: (4-6), Small: (4-6), Medium: (8-10). The complete outfits contains the dress and a lovely handbag to match. The seaweed boa is sold separately though. Click Here For More Info!

Little Mermaid Halloween Costume


Little Mermaid Halloween Costume

The cutest creature of the deep blue sea.

Your gorgeous little girl is definitely going to appear magical in this lovely blue Little Mermaid Halloween Costumes. The lovely shimmering tail design delivers pictures of seaweed and flowers, star fishes, seashells that explains the twinkle in her lovely eyes.

This gorgeous costume will be the talk of the Halloween world with it’s shimmering tail features, torso with shimmering bra and sequin blue star fish design. Click Here For More Info!

Adult Mermaid Costumes

Adult Mermaid CostumesAdult Mermaid Costume

Let everyone’s imagination run wild at the degree of beauty this elegant adult mermaid costume portrays. You are guaranteed to be the real deal and be the center of attention at any costume events you’re attending- Every one will want to real in you as they might not be able to take their eyes off your gorgeous appearance.

This beautiful costume consist of  a sequin halter top and bottom shimmering skirt bottoms designed after a real mermaid’s tail. Make a splash this Halloween with this lovely outfit.

Available in adult sizes- Small, Medium and Large. While the costume comes with top and skirt, the seaweed boa and serpentine wig are sold separately. Jewelry and shoes not included though. Click Here For More Info!

Adult Mermaid CostumesAdult Mermaid Costumes


Discover why she’s the queen of the deep blue sea.

This Adult Mermaid Costume consist of glittering mesh top styled dress with sequin bandeau-styled top with a shimmering scaled skirt overlay. This deep blue sea attire is guaranteed to make a big splash at your next outing.

Fortunately, it’s available in medium and large sizes- specifically, the precise measurement for the large size are from 34 inch chest with a 32 inch waist.

For the best appearance do check out our Invinsible bra – it’s highly recommended. Click Here For More On This Mermaid Costume

adult little mermaid costume


Adult Little Mermaid Costume

A beautiful but mysterious under water creature inhabiting the oceans of the world being the dreams of many men.

This gorgeous looking exquisitely designed garment comes with a fitted gown with pink shimmering stretch corset top, zip at the back, faux shell accents and a turquoise sequin skirt with matching ruffled organza fin.

With a pink starfish headpiece attached to the head band with fluffy feathers, ribbons and beads.

Available in adult sizes of small, medium, large and extra large. Please check in for a more specific size as you place your order. Also highly recommended with this costume is the Invisible bra

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