Jul 21 2010

Buzz LightYear

Toy Story 3 Costumes

Buzz lightyear costume

“To infinity and beyond” are the likely words of your child when you buy one of the most popular children’s costume, the Buzz lightyear costume for kids and even adults as well.

“Yes! adults do love cartoon characters too you know….”

Come to think of it, the toy story is a great super hero  cartoon movie from the hit series Toy Story- any kid would love it.

A very familiar movie that most kids adore and appreciates. My three year old son (Daniel) stayed glued to the television set when i slot in the DVD i purchased recently.

Even after six hours of him watching it he was still buzzing with that phrase “To Infinity And Beyond”.

As a parent I would personally recommend the Buzz Lightyear Costume to any parents thats willing to put a lovely smile on their kid’s face.

Although, Daniel’s birthday was just around the corner when the Toy Story 3 was released by Disney, in addition to the Toy Story 3 DVD or Blue Ray I still went ahead and got him :

I was quiet pleased to see a big smile on his happy face. To be honest it’s been long since i last saw him that happy and i was glad he loved everything i got for him.

buzz lightyear costume gloves

What To Look Out For

It’s imperative that we as parents know the various sizes of our kids irrespective of how many they are in numbers.

Although the Buzz lightyear costume is a very nice child friendly costume, there’s no point buying the wrong size that won’t fit in a million years.

To unravel the true beauty of this amazing costume the only thing we need to look out for is the right size that would fit our kids perfectly.

The Buzz lightyear costume comes in various sizes that includes: Toddler and Child Sizes: Toddler (3T-4T), Small (4-6), Medium (7-8) Adult Sizes: (Small , Medium, Large and Extra Large)

Where Can Buzz LightYear Costume Be Worn?

Toy story 3 buzz lightyear costumeI think this is a personal preference though. Because the Buzz lightyear Costume can be worn to any children’s event of course it would depend if your child really wants to wear it or not.

On the other hand though, Buzz lightyear Costume are normally worn for Halloween parties (trick or treat), costume parties even school plays, dramas and role plays. Then this would depend on the type of dramas or plays they are having in school.

We don’t want our little hero looking very odd amongst his class mates when he arrives in school and everyone looking at him very weird now do we? Nah!

Who Can Wear The Buzz Lightyear Costume?

Anyone can wear the costume especially if it fits perfectly, then your’e good to go!

Don’t also forget that the Buzz lightyear Costume also comes in adults sizes as well for those that want to impress their friends at any Halloween costume parties or nights out.

What Does buzz Lightyear costume Come With?

buzz lightyear costume jet packYou may be surprised to discover that the costume comes with everything and that includes the socks, the gloves and the jet pack to make it all complete. But you would have to pay for the gloves, socks and jet pack separately as it’s not inclusive of the buzz lightyear costume price.

You can easily get the jet pack from Buycostume.com for only $9.99. But Amazon.com is currently selling it from $8.25. Meanwhile on the other hand, you can easily use any white socks you have at home, that should do rather than splashing out on a brand new white socks. However, for those of us still inclined on getting a pair of new socks then click here.

Just a quick recap: the Buzz lightyear costume comes with Bodysuit, Hood, Boot Spats. The socks, gloves and jetpacks are sold separately.

Any Complaints From Buyers?

I really can’t find anything bad to say about this Buzz Lightyear Costume and even when reading hundreds of reviews for this costume on the various internet retailers website, it was difficult finding anyone with anything bad to comment on.

About the only negative was that the inflatable jet pack delicate and can easily get punctured by sharp objects.

This issue can be easily resolved by ensuring that very sharp objects does not get close to it. Just like any other inflatables that can easily be ruptured when poked with sharp item.

Where Can I Buy The Buzz Lightyear Costume?

I check prices regularly for this Buzz Lightyear Costume and by far the best prices has always been at Buycostumes.com. However, because they are normally the cheapest, it often sells out very quickly. So do not waste time if you see that they have some in stock.

If you can’t find any at Buycostumes.com then your best bet would be to head over to Amazon.com hopefully they might have some in stock for you.

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